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Help Ten Cents and OJ find Big Mac.

E-mail me on to find out the answeres to the questions below.
Should you get all answeres correct you will find out where Big Mac is hiding.

1)   Acording to Top Hat, which Tug is only good for day work?
2)   How many Z - Stacks are there?
3)   What is the Spot called where Boomer now Lives?
4)   In the Tugs Annual who did Zorran have a race with?
5)   Name Bigg City's largest crane
6)   "I would like to introduce you to our new requte..." finnish the quote.
7)   In 4th of July which companies barge was Warrior towing?
8)   Which tug is said to be river wise?
9)   How many vessels have worked as tempory, or permenant members of Starfleet, and can you name them all?
10) Which train did Tophat and Lord Stinker save from falling into the Cannal in High Tide after the bridge had collapsed?
NB- Can someone please tell me the name of Searouges Uncle, because it dosn't say it on his hull and he is only refered to as "Uncle" or "Old Man".

For answeres you can e-mail me on, some answeres are on this site, some may be on the Tugs Forum, shud you get all the questions right you will find out where Big Mac is hiding.

More comming soon!