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We are potentially on the lookout for the other characters

As an owner of one of the models made for use in the production of Tugs, Bigg City Port has launched the Tugs of Bigg City Port Preservation Group (TBPG). This is a group of individuals who own models or parts of the models such as the faces. It must be stressed that this group hasn't been setup to acquire the models, it is merely a communication network between the different owners of models so that they can pool their resources for potential events in the future. 


STT consider themselves to be extremely lucky to have secured 18 of the original character prop models, including all of Sea Rogue's known faces as well as most of those belonging Top Hat and Grampus'. However we would love to see the rest of the characters united in the same place at some point.

The above picture was created partly in good fun during Spring 2014 when the Star Tugs Exhibition was first opening. This is because Top Hat, Grampus and co may no longer be with us. After filming ended on many series in the past the props were seen as useless and thrown away and until there is definitely proof to the contrary this has to be assumed to be the case. That being said there is no harm in holding out some hope that the characters have been saved, be it in someone's private collection. They could be members of the production company, private model collectors or they could be part of the studio's archive collection. It has been said by a source at Shepperton Studios that a spare of every model was made just incase the worst were to happen to one of the models. These spares may never have had the iconic faces, megaphones or names painted on them to reveal their true identity. In theory they could be converted to be their intended fairly easily. However as no one has come forward with these models as of yet all we can do is assume the worst while secretly hoping that an owner would come forward with them if they were willing to work as part of a display team at future exhibitions

It would be nice to have a working network made up of the owners of the props from Tugs who can collaborate we can collaborate with for future events under the TBPG banner.

Missing Characters with Faces
  • Top Hat; Star Tug No 4.
  • Grampus the Midget Submarine
  • Coastguard
  • Coastguard Messenger/Speedboat
  • Lord Stinker; The Garbage Barge
  • Frank & Eddie; the Railway Barges
  • Pearl; the Barge
  • Sally Seaplane
  • Jack the Grappler
  • Boomer's Faces (Boomer & Old Man shared the same model)
  • Bluenose's Faces and Wheelhouse (Bluenose and Sea Rogue shared the same model)
  • Any character's already in the possession of STT that aren't owned by them.
Characters without Faces
  • Puffa
  • Big Mickey
  • Mighty Moe
  • Little Ditcher
  • Captain Star
  • Captain Zero
  • Any characters or models omitted from either list.
If you know where the remaining character models are from the production of Tugs it is requested that you make contact with Bigg City Port either through this site or the Facebook page It is stressed that if you own any of the former assets of Clearwater Features that were used as props for the TV Series Tugs, you are under no pressure to sell or donate anything. Many people have come forward with information in the past which has turned out to be false so please only come forwards if you can say with absolute certainty that you have a genuine lead. It is well known that some of the models were reused and recycled for use in Thomas & Friends. Bigg City Port has had some communication with the model team at Shepperton Studios and it is confirmed that the models are no longer in storage there.

Bigg City Port is an entirely separate entity to the Star Tugs Company (STC) and while we have worked together on previous occasions the views of Bigg City Port aren't representative of those of the STC. We request that you don't actively investigate the whereabouts of the Tugs models and refer you to the fan guidelines on the Tugs DVD Campaign page;

Find Bigg City Port on Facebook;