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A sample of the titles related to Tugs

The Sister Series
Also made by Clearwater features during the 1980s, although it has now moved away from Awdry's style

Clearwater features consisted of Robert D. Cardona and David Mitton, so when Robert moved to Canada. It is my guess this is why Britt Alcroft moved in as Executive Producer for Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends. It seems that this break up could be a reason for a second series of Tugs not being made, as TVS and Britt Alcroft were seperate companies (how vain naming a company after yourself!). For both series originally made by Clearwater Features Junior Cambell and Mike O'Donnell composed the music, some of which is on this site.
Here is just a sample of some of the titles that relate to Tugs along with the main three obvious ones.

Robert D. Cardona's unsuccessful attempt at another series with Tugs in from Canada.

David Mitton's post Thomas & Friends project which ceased production on his passing

Chris Tulloch worked on this series as a model maker

This series uses clips from the Tugs episodes

Written by the Duchess of York, this series is based around a working airport

A childs story book, about a little toy tugboat ; Scuffy, who went on a long journey along a river.

Another book about Tugs, for youngsters

Little Toot Toot
Disney bought the rights to Little Toot and included it in their 10th Animated Classic, Melody Time.

Little Toot
As described above, this was one of Robert D. Cardona's main inspirations for Tugs

Don't you wish they released these for Tugs!?

I think this was released during the 1950s, anyway the pic came from eBay.

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