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"Whats devious is whats necessary to make an honest living in these days of corruption and bad buisiness ethics." Captain Zero, Sunshine

The Z - Stacks are devious and gain their contracts by dishonourable means, on example is the weak attempt to gain the Ocean liner contract during Sunshine. Owned and run by Captain Zero (Picture on Terrestrial Characters), they are based on the Moran Tugs of New York (in design only).

1) Zorran, Harbour Tug
Leader of the Z-Stacks, he's charismatic though devious, mean and short tempered.

2) Zebedee, Harbour Tug
Mean with a good heart that shone through during High Winds.

3) Zak, Harbour Tug
Not seen too often, he has a high opinion of himself.

4) Zug, Harbour Switcher
Working mainly with Zip, often trying too hard to please through corruption and bad business ethics

5) Zip, Harbour Switcher
He works mainly with Zug and is easily misslead.

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