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"Come on Old man... Lets get you home" Searouge, Pirate

Burke & Blair
The greedy scrap dealers, these appear in a few stories (Annual, Treasre Hunt, 2 Episodes)

The Ghost fleet
These ghostly white tugs came from the fog... Sctuttlebuts ghost fleet who sank in the storm?

As a tug.

Once Captain Star made Boomer into a Houseboat at Dun Tuggin, the jinx was gone.

Boomer- the unlucky tug, formerly Capain Harry, when he was bought by another company they repainted a different name on his hull, thus giving him the jinx.

Billy Shoepack
Carries loads of dynamite around the towns upriver, always wanting "to blast someone out of trouble"

Sea Rouge and his Uncle
These tugs appear in Pirate, Uncle is held to ransom, whilst Sea Rouge is made to steel barges.

The Two Green Eye Things
Probarbly the scariest villans to enter Bigg City Port

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