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Zug's Mini Tour, Autumn 2014

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Follow Zug's little adventure here.

This page follows Zug's mini tour around South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire that took place in the run up to the Abbeydale Industrial Steam Gathering in Sheffield. During the period that I was in the process of becoming a fully paid up member of the Star Tugs Company the other committee members allowed me to take the Zug model on a promotional tour to drum up interest in the 25th Anniversary event on social media. Having previously visited the Tinsley Canal in Sheffield, Pennine Sailing Club, Shepperton Studios and Swanwick Junction for the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Tugs. I never became a full member of the Star Tugs Company due to events that took place prior to my involvement with the organisation so Zug was returned to the collection along with Ten Cents and Sea Rogue during October 2014..

Monday 15th September
Zug enjoying the first episode of Tugs where the Bigg City Port website and community began

Zug has settled down to life in the Bigg City Port house and was pleased to be able to watch his TV debut in the room where as a 5 year old Mr Bigg City Port was introduced to the series. He'd forgotten how nasty his on screen character could be at times but he enjoyed the experience anyway.

Tuesday 16th September
Zug at the Tinsley Canal in Sheffield by the Tinsley Viaduct

Today Zug has made a little trip down to the Tinsley Canal in Sheffield by the Tinsley Viaduct which carries the M1. Although he's never actually been afloat he enjoys any opportunity to be near it and it reminded him of all of the fun that he had at the Moira Canal Festival. He even met a Water Bailiff and fan of the series who was amazed to see that he is still smiling.

Friday 19th September
Zug appears to have had a few too many this Friday night.

Zug paid a little visit to Bigg City Port's local pub on Friday to celebrate his first Friday Night away from the exhibition on his own. From the wobble he seems to have it looks as though he may have had a few too many drinks.

Saturday 21st September
Zug enjoying the sailing at Bart's Bash

Zug paid a visit to the inaugural Bart's Bash event today which saw 56 sailors take to the water at Pennine Sailing Club in a Worldwide event that celebrates the life of Andrew 'Bart' Simpson. All participating clubs compile their results meaning that every competitor around the world gets a result against each other. This is based on the distance of the course, number of laps completed and wind conditions on the day. Unfortunately Zug's lack of sail power meant that he couldn't compete in the event, but he enjoyed the spectacle enormously, especially when the last two flying Lancaster Bombers made their flyby over Pennine Sailing Club during their last engagement of 2014.

More pictures of Zug's mini tour at Bart's Bash can be found on the Bigg City Port Facebook Page;

Pennine Sailing Club;

Bart's Bash

Thursday 25th September
Shepperton Studios

Today Zug made the trip down the M1 to collect the spare Cutty Sark Class flying boat from the workshop that he was made in at Shepperton Studios. He had a good day out and even got to see the very person who made him back in the 1980s. The three people who worked on Tugs that were working during the visit spoke of their fond memories of working on the series and with the people at the time. Had it not been for the fact that they needed to concentrate on their work and the need to get back to Sheffield he could have spent a lot longer chatting away. However needs must and we set off back north along the M25 and M1.

Zug in the place that he was made

Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th September
Tugs 25th Anniversary Celebration, Credit Lindsey Thomas

For the first time ever all of the Z-Stacks could be seen by the public in one place during the course of the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Tugs. Featured in the display was artwork from Malissa LaChambre and photos from previous Star Tugs events and Zug's mini tour. Zug really enjoyed his weekend back with his old friends and loved to meet many new ones too. Many people came through the door and were interested to hear him talk of his campaign to get Tugs released on DVD and Legal Download.

Monday 29th September

Today Zug is back in the home of Bigg City Port and it seems that he's towed two large boxes with him to go on display at Abbeydale Industrial Hamlet this coming weekend. He's getting very excited about what's to come and hopefully converting more people to join the Tugs DVD Campaign.

Zug is owned by the Star Tugs Company and special permission has been given by the directors allowing for this tour to take place. Special thanks is given to all of the Directors and Shareholders.

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